Celebration-cooperate with RUKANG factory for the wheelchairs and walkers

Warmly celebrate the cooperation for Hongzhu medical and Rukang to sign the agreements on wheelchairs producing. The leads from both parties, Mr. Yang and Mr. Lv attend it and promise will try their best to support the agreements strong effectively. From now on, Hongzhu medical can supply wheelchairs and hemiplegic walkers with professional factory and competitive prices on the market. The mainly wheel chairs can supply as,

Celebration-cooperate with RUKANG factory for the wheelchairs and walkers

The most important consideration when choosing a wheelchair is the size of the wheelchair. The main sites of weight bearing for wheelchair users were around the four ischial tubercles, around the femur, around the height of the Yang and around the shoulder. The size of the wheelchair, especially the seat width, depth and the height of the back of the case, as well as the distance between the foot pedal and the seat cushion, all affect the blood circulation of the relevant parts of the passengers, and cause skin friction, even pressure sores. In addition, the patient’s safety, operation ability, weight of wheelchair, place of use, appearance and other issues should be considered.

Selection considerations
(1) Seat width: measure the distance between two or four or two strands when sitting down. Add 5cm, and there will be 2.5cm gap on both sides after sitting down. The seat is too narrow, so it is difficult to get up and down the wheelchair. The upper part and thigh tissue are oppressed. If the seat is too wide, it is not easy to sit stably. It is not convenient to operate the wheelchair. The legs are easy to fatigue. It is also difficult to get in and out of the gate. (2) Seat length: measure the horizontal distance between the rear buttock and the crus gastrocnemius muscle when sitting down, and reduce the measurement result by 6.5cm. If the seat is too short, the body weight will mainly fall on the ischium, which is easy to cause excessive pressure in the local area; if the seat is too long, it will compress the separation part, affect the local blood circulation, and easily stimulate the skin in the local area. For patients with short thigh or limited knee flexion contracture, it is better to use short seat. (3) Seat height: measure the distance from the heel (or heel) to the nest when sitting down, add 4cm, and place the foot pedal at least 5cm from the ground. If the seat is too high, the wheelchair cannot enter the table; if the seat is too low, the weight of the sitting bone is too large. (4) Armrest height: when sitting, the upper arm is vertical, and the forearm is placed on the armrest. Measure the height from the chair surface to the lower edge of the forearm, plus 25cm. Proper armrest height helps to maintain correct body posture and balance, and enables the upper limbs to be placed in a comfortable position. The handrail is too high, and the upper arm is forced to lift, which is prone to fatigue. If the armrest is too low, you need to lean forward to maintain balance. It is not only easy to fatigue, but also can affect breathing.

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