New products arriving-posture corrector

Hi, everyone, there is one good news for both of us and you, we developed two new style posture corrector-smart posture corrector. Pictures for your reference as,

These are our new products, they are very comfortable when you wear, and very effective on posture corrector.

INTELLIGENCE: Real-time accurate posture monitoring. If your back is bent more than 25 degrees, it will correct your posture with a vibration alert to keep you upright.

INGENIOUS DESIGN:8 shaped design is ergonomic. It conforms to the human curve when worn. The high-quality rubber material is very flexible, making you feel comfortable, and you will not feel uncomfortable pressure on your shoulders when you wear it.

SCIENTIFIC CORRECTION: Use it for 2 hours a day for 3 weeks, and you can feel obvious changes. Back muscles are exercised to form muscle memory and change bad habits.
ENDURANCE:Charge for 1 hour and use for 15 days. The 500mA large-capacity battery can be used for a long time. It can continuously correct your posture for a long life and requires no additional maintenance.

1. Wear invisible, comfortable and breathable skin;
2. Omnidirectional posture monitoring, exercise muscle memory;
3. The back switch is within easy reach, and both adults and children can easily use it.

Occasion: work, study, walk the dog, travel, leisure, etc.

1. Adjust the harness to the appropriate length;
2. After wearing, erect the back, lift the chest, and then hold the switch for 1 second to power on the reminder, the reminder will shake 3 times;
3.Keep the right posture until the appliance vibrates three times;
4.At the same time,the reminder has recorded your correct posture;
5.When you have a hunchback Radian of more than 25 degrees,the posture reminder will automatically identity it and then release vibration to remind;
6.The posture reminder remind you to keep your chest straight and look up by vibration.

Details as,
Size: one fit all, Material: ABS+high elastic nylon belt.
Weight: 85g, Function: spinal correction, improved hunchback, protection of vision, Battery capacity: 500mAH/3.7v, Charging interface:
standard V8 USB interface, Applicable people: children / adults fit all, power supply: 5v, power consumption: 0.4w, charging time: approximate 2 hours, charging voltage: 5v
Waiting the news from you and will try our best to supple any information you are need.
Again, hope all us can get develop with these products and hope you can get more shares on your market.
Thank you.

Post time: Sep-20-2019